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03 June



Following the line from last week where we talked about the importance of the human mind when we make the cycling practice, today we continue to talk in this second part of the psychological role and the bad influence of negativity when we got to a bike.

Sports counseling

It should be clear that to perform at a high level, function and psychological support is important, and for this, it seems necessary to have a sports psychologist who can help us in our journey. Each specific job and how to deal depends very much of each rider. How is it done? First, we must make it clear that each rider has goals for the season, and then plan the psychological aspects of the participation of each of these tests to overcome. Similarly, it should draw the necessary strategies to control the negative and positive thoughts that influence for good and bad equally. Similarly, apply techniques to manage stress and anxiety.

Stop the negativity and excessive positivity

Our goal is to control both the negative and the excessive positivity aspects like, for this we must carry out the following process:

1- Negative: "I will not be able to raise this port", "I'll have to retire", "I am unable to keep up with the others," "Not worth at all." Positive: "I like a motorcycle, even if much butt", "climb this port as fast as I can."

2- Stopping the thought: We will use the words "Stop or"Out" or some other that is meaningful to us. The goal is to try to remind us how to overcome and realize at the time, even shout it is very effective.

3- Auto-instructed: This is the part where we talk to ourselves and consciously say what we will do next, such as: "We continue as before, at our own pace and not be obsessed with anything or with anyone "," We will recover the normal pulse and we will find comfort, “

4- Auto-boost: Having overcome the obstacles that we have presented, we begin to recognize how well we performed, for example, "All right, keep it up", "There will be nothing to stop you, we can manage all "," Congratulations champion. "

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