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22 September

Pio, Welcome to our team.


He is our latest incorporation in Bike Experience like a guide and He’s the actual Tenerife Tour Champion 2015.

His name is Euprepio Calo, better known as Pio. He started  in the cycling world when he was 6 years old in the south of Italy, Puglia.


He has An impressive record, when he was 6 years old, he got around 100 wins in 10 years, all in italy and the last 5 years he won around 20 cycling race national and international.


major achievements

1º Italian Champion 2012 (trentino alto Adige)

1º Granfondo di Teramo 2011 (Abruzzo)

1º Granfondo rionero 2012 (Basilicata)

1º Granfondo grottaglie 2012 (Puglia)

1º Granfondo termoli 2012 (Molise)

1º Granfondo grottaglie 2011 (Puglia)

1º Mediofondo Termoli 2011 (Molise)

1º Granfondo grottaglie 2011 (Puglia)

2º granfondo internazionale SELLE ITALIA 2012 (Emilia Romagna)

8º granfondo intern. Straducale 2012 (Umbria)

1º Granfondo valli dell'esino e musone 2012 (Marche)

18º Giro ciclistico internazionale Basilicata (stages race)

1º Vuelta a Tenerife 2015

Pio with the Bike Experience Tenerife Team

Pio is described as a very committed athlete and meticulous in his training and nutrition. He loves the cycling world and he is considered as an excelent professional.


Bike Experience is very proud to have Pio in our team. He is goint to be a great guide who will show you all the cycling routes around Tenerife.

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