Bicycle hire, guided routes, the best service in Tenerife
The weather and land diversity makes Tenerife a perfect place for cycling. We have prepared a weekly program so you can take advantage of your vacation by training and enjoying the island.
Do you want to spend your holidays cycling? Your only complication will be to pack your stuff and enjoy the different routes that we have for you.
Tenerife is known as the island of the “Eternal Spring” due of its temperature stability, 22 degrees average, which makes it perfect for a year-round training. Due to its diverse ground, it has a wide range of routes. It is not uncommon to find cyclists on the roads but the weather conditions offered by the National Park make this environment an ideal destination for professionals..
The Sprint is worthy of inclusion in Bianchi’s Racing category, created for those starting out on their journey in competition. No compromise has been made on the Sprint’s appearance: it’s a sharply-styled, beautiful road carbon bike. Considerations have been made throughout the design to ensure sleekness, clean lines and a racy, aggressive character.
The 785 Huez Disc is a lightweight climbing bike with legendary Look road geometry, it's as comfortable going up as it is coming down. The 785 HUEZ Disc has already made its entrance into the very light bicycle realm, but this is far from its only asset. The bicycle’s precise handling and stability are assured thanks to its rigid fork and head tube.
Bianch's updated Infinito CV Disc endurance bike is a little more relaxed than a traditional race machine and it offers a notably smooth ride, but it's still responsive enough to snap into action as soon as you put the power down
With the launch of the e-765 Optimum, Look presents a carbon frame e-bike that looks like a racing bike. Developed in association with Bernard Hinault, the e-765 has the detachable Fazua Evation motor system so you can take advantage of the assistance or remove to ride it as a normal push bike.

Bike Experience Tenerife offers to the bike lovers the chance to know and explore the island of eternal spring, Tenerife, a dream place for a high training experience..

We are an innovative company formed by people with a great passion for the bike and a wide experience in the tourism industry.

We have a wide range of rental bikes to satisfy cyclists of all kinds, road bikes or mountain bikes, and routes suitable for all levels, to start, improve or perform at maximum in future competitions..

All our material is of the best brands and it is always checked by our mechanical experts.

In Bike Experience Tenerife we offer group and individual excursions , supported by an expert cyclist guide who will help you to know the best corners of the island by pedaling..


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It is not new for us to see cycling teams arriving on our island. Tenerife has the perfect conditions for almost any sports practice, in particular for cycling. Tenerife is known as the island of the “Eterna Primavera” (eternal spring) due of its temperature stability, 22 degrees average, which makes it perfect for a year-round training. Due to its diverse ground, it has a wide range of routes. It i...