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20 February



An island with two World Heritage, a National Park and 42 natural protected areas, are the characteristics of Tenerife, a place to experience new sensations and enjoy nature at its best.

This island has many benefits, so that any visitor can enjoy a unique feeling of spring vacation everyday. Its superb climate and the friendliness of its people make this island in the Canary Islands, in the Atlantic Ocean, a treasure to discover for all visitors.

A sensational place to enjoy an incredible variety of landscapes of extraordinary wealth, where the nature takes on an essential role instead. You will discover a territory furrowed by ravines, with spectacular cliffs, monstrous terrain, forests of prehistoric species, extensive forests of the canary pine (natural tree Canary), amazing rock formations, cozy coves and lively beaches, volcanic cones, badlands and spaces filled with numerous native species of flora and fauna .

An island experience. A place to know every corner. Try with Bike Experience Tenerife and you will not forget your stay in Tenerife. Choose your route, enjoy every moment pedaling.

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