7 tips to get on your bike early



Do you often have a hard time getting out of bed?

If you are the person that choses to rather push the snooze button and sleep on after the alarm has gone off, you might be interested in this article. Hereby we give you a series of tips that can help you getting up earlier and with more energy.

If you don´t train you won´t get better. In many cases getting up early can...


Ride like a Pro 2022, a Giro d'Italia-event on Tenerife


Ride like a Pro comes to Tenerife. Would you like to know more about this event?

Tenerife has been chosen to organize the next Ride like a Pro, an event that is part of the Giro d'Italia. The great climate en mountainous terrain are the foremost reasons why the event is coming to our island this year. Maybe you would like to know why so many cyclists choose Tenerife as their training location. Do you co...