16 November

Electric road bikes: who are they made for?


The electric road bike is one of the most controversial among the E-bikes.

What is an electric road bike?

Although it may seem that an electric road bike is like an other e-bike, the reality is that they have their own unique qualities. Obviously, like other E-bikes on the current market, electric road bikes have assisted pedaling thanks to a motor and battery.

However, electric road bike motors are often located in the rear axle hub. In addition, they are usually more compact and lighter. The battery is normally located inside the down tube in order to preserve an aearodynamic geometry and the specific road bike aesthetics. In other aspects electric road bikes are quite similar to any other e-bike on the market.

On what kind of personal profile are electric road bikes focused?

E-bikes are mainly built for people who are phisically limited due to age or any other cause, and are therefor not able to easily ride long days or mountain passes on a normal bike. However, E-bikes are more and more used by people who are not in any way phisically limited, but come from different sports disciplines or simply like to ride in a different way supported by an engine.

Likewise, it is an interesting option for cyclists who love the road but want to have a second bike for longer rides than usual moments of low fitness or to simply be able to keep up with more experienced and faster teammates.

How to choose the best electric road bike? If you are considering buying an electric road bike we have some tips to help you choose the one that best suits your needs.

The batttery:
Obviously one of the important things to look at is the battery capacity of the bike. Important to note here is that the duration of the battery can vary a lot depending on different conditions during your ride. Engine power delivery is described in Nm, and the higher this number the longer and faster the input from the pedaling assistance. The higher this number, the stronger the imput from the electric assistance. In addition, it is advisable to analyze the different power delivery modes that are available on the market. Each different option is designed for a specific profile with specific needs.

If you have any questions or need help whith buying your new electric road bike, contact us or visit our store in Playa de las Americas, Tenerife and one of our experts will help you further.

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