04 July

Giant TCR Advanced SL Disc 0: Winner of the Bike of the Year Award


The TCR Advanced SL Disc 0 road racing bike has been named Bike of the Year and described as "a dream machine".

The 30th edition of the Bike of the Year Awards (#BestBike2022) was held recently, and brought together brands, professionals, journalists and bike enthusiasts.

In the Best Road Bike of the Year category, the winner was the Giant TCR Advanced SL 0 Disc. In this article, we'll tell you about the features that made it the winner among the 32 competing options.

A dream machine

During the awards gala, the TCR stood out from the other bikes, wowing each and every one of the testers. They said they were looking at "the most complete racing bike on sale today".

The standing ovation comes as no surprise, as this model is a redesign of the incredible machine that has inspired the evolution of racing bikes for more than 20 years.

The new model is even lighter, more rigid and aerodynamic than its predecessor. Although it is a TCR, every component has been re-engineered with one goal in mind: higher performance.

Key performance features of the TCR Advanced SL Disc 0  

Giant's bike boasts a stiffness-to-weight ratio that's never been seen before. This, coupled with a new frame designed specifically for exceptional climbing qualities and optimized aerodynamics, will make the difference in every sprint.

Aerodynamics has always been a fundamental quality of any racing bike. This time, Giant engineers combined calculations and wind tunnel tests to come up with the design of the new TCR.

When it comes to braking, too, the TCR stands out from the rest. The built-in disc brakes offer riders exquisite braking modulation, allowing for greater control in all weather conditions and on any road.

The carbon used to build this fast bike is made in Giant's own factory. It comes from Giant’s Professional Grade Carbon, which is made using a proprietary resin formula. The most advanced engineering methods are used to produce it, notably:

- Carbon Nanotube Technology, for stronger and lighter joints

- Continuous Fiber Technology, for increased strength and reduced weight.

GIANT TCR rentals in Tenerife

There is no doubt that the "best road bike of the year 2022" is a dream machine for all road bike lovers.

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