08 August

How to choose the perfect bib shorts for your bike rides?


Choosing a good bib short is essential to achieve maximum performance and comfortability.

When cycling, many accessories and elements help you reach your peak performance. But if there is one garment that stands out above the rest, this would be the bib shorts.

The shorts have many functions and, contrary to what many may think, they are not only responsible for protecting the area of most significant contact with the bike during long days of cycling.

Choosing the ideal shorts will directly influence the comfort and performance of each workout. Therefore, in this article, we will tell you how you can select the perfect bib shorts.

The short size

The first and most crucial step in choosing the perfect shorts is selecting the correct size.

If you buy too big a short, they will not fit well and bother you on every outing. On the contrary, if you buy a tiny size, the shorts can hinder proper circulation, worsening your performance.

To know if the bib shorts you buy are your size, you must ensure that it fits your legs and torso well without being too tight.

The chamois pad

The element that makes the difference between a good bib short and a bad one is the chamois. Depending on its quality, you can enjoy each day of cycling much more.

To identify a good chamois pad, you must consider the following points:

- Greater thickness does not necessarily mean more comfort. The thickness is not a determining factor in the comfort and quality of a pad.

- Density is essential. Instead of the thickness, it is better to look at the material density and its good padding and sound absorption. These details will be those that provide greater comfort.

- Size matters. A moderate length is necessary. If too long, it will hinder pedaling, and if it is too short, it won’t protect some areas.

In short, a good chamois must have good padding and sound absorption, the density of the material must be high, and it must be made of an elastic material that adapts to the necessary shape.

The short material

If you have already chosen the correct size and it has a good chamois, the next point to assess is the material. As a rule, bib shorts are made of lycra.

However, there are different types of lycra. Some aspects that differentiate between one and the other are its elasticity and resistance. In addition, due to its composition, some kinds of lycra are more breathable, which is undoubtedly a plus.

By following these recommendations and advice, you will be able to choose the best bib shorts to be able to enjoy your long days of cycling fully.

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