31 October

How to determine your right bicycle size?


With these simpel tips we will help you finding the right size for your new bicycle.

If you consider to buy or rent a new bike for your holiday on Tenerife it is important to know which frame size you need. This can be complicated if you don´t know how the size system works. Therefor we will explain you what to look at while looking for the right bike size.


Looking for the right bike size

Riding the right size bike is as important as wearing the right shoe size. On a bike that is too big or too small you will soon experience inconveniences. You will be riding in a forced position which can cause injuries in the long term. Bicycle producers use different criteria to dertimine the sizes, which can make finding your right bike size complicated. The rule of thumb is that the length of the vertical bar which connects the bottom bracket and the seat post defines the size of the frame.

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Tips to find the right frame size

The first thing you that you need to know when looking at frame sizes is that they are indicated differently depending on the brand and type. The most commonly used indicators are inches (“”), centimeters (54), or alphabetic sizes (S, M, L, XL). However, because there are different frame angles the sizing varies from brand to brand. A specific size Bianchi does not by definition equal a similar size Orbea. Besides that some brands, like Bianchi, use odd numbers (53, 55, 57) whereas most brands use even numbers (54, 56, 58).


So how to find out which bike size is best for you? To start you need to know your body length. If you know which brand of bike you would like to purchase or hire you can also consult it´s size chart. All bike brands have their own size chart on which you can find on the website of the brand. These specific size charts give the exact equivalents and measurements by which you can get a good sense of which size suits you best. However, this way of measuring is not the most trustworthy because two people with the same body length do not by definition have the same arm or leg length.


For this reason determining your right bike size is most accurately done by measuring the length of your arms and legs. You determine your leg length barefoot by measuring the distance between the crotch to the floor.


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