28 November

How to know the right height at which to place the saddle?


Placing the bike saddle at the correct height is essential to improve performance and avoid pain or discomfort.

Maintaining a good position while riding the bike is essential to improve performance. It is also key to avoid aches and pains to be able to enjoy your ride. However, it can often be tricky to get the saddle at the proper height, especially on a new bike. Therefor we will explain you the three basic steps to follow in order to get your saddle at the ideal hight.

 1. Measure your inseam height.

To be in the most accurate position you have to stand barefeet with your back and heels against a wall. Next, you can place a book or any other levelled object against the top of your crotch. Then let another person measure from the top of the book to the floor. This will be the exact crotch/floor distance.

Tip: you can use a flexometer or a tape measure to get the most accurate measurement possible.

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2. Calculate the right height.

Now that you know your crotch/floor measurement it is necessary to apply the following formula. According to most biomechanical studies the most suitable height or your saddle is about 88% of the inseam length. The remaining 12% margin is the ideal distance for knee flexion. Therefor, to calculate distance, you will have to multiply the height of the crotch by 0.88cm. Crotch height (cm) x 0.88 = saddle height.

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3. Positioning the saddle.

Now that you know your ideal saddle height, all that remains is to adjust it properly. To do this you have to measure the length between the bottom bracket to the middle of the saddle padding. Loosen the clamp on the seat post and position the saddle at the meastured height. Tighten the clamp and check if the saddle is at the correct height. Do not forget that the saddle has to be perpendicular to the line of the handlebars when tightening the clamp.

Conclusion: It is recommended to pedal a short stretch before embarking on a long ride, to make sure the saddle is placed in the right position and that you feel comfortable on your bike. For a visual explanation of how to position the saddle you can click on the video below.


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