03 October

Long or short saddle: how to choose the right one?


Are you looking for the most comfortable saddle for your bike? If you are unsure if you should choose a short or a long saddle, then this is the post for you.

The bicycle saddle is one of the components that has undergone the greatest number of changes over the years.

Despite this, there are still many doubts: what is the most comfortable saddle? This article will give you the necessary information for choosing the perfect saddle for you. We will analyse each of the options separately and look at their main advantages.

Advantages of long saddles

We will begin with the long saddle, or saddle with a long nose, since this is the model that predominates among amateur cyclists. Main advantages of this model are:

It is more comfortable when you are upright

The long-nose saddle is generally narrower and the main support areas are usually at the rear. This is particularly convenient if you ride for a long time in an upright posture or when pedalling calmly.

Less friction

Some riders find this type of saddle much more comfortable because of its width. Because it is narrower than a short-nose saddle, there is less chance of chafing on the thighs.


Because it is a more conventional model, there are many more models available on the market. This means that you will probably be able to find a long saddle for a very interesting price.

Advantages of short saddles

Short saddles have a much shorter history in cycling. They first appeared just over a decade ago in the world of time trial racing.

The primary motive behind their creation was to benefit the cyclist's posture, placing them in a more aerodynamic position. But there are many other benefits. Some of the most prominent are:

More comfortable attacking posture.

As mentioned above, this advantage was the main reason for the development and use of short saddles. Consequently, these saddles are the most recommended saddles for competitive riders.

Best suited for women

The shape of short nose saddles is better adapted to the specific shape of the female pelvis, making them often a better choice for female cyclists.

Less friction for developed thighs

If you have well-developed quadriceps and tend to suffer from chafing in this area, the short nose saddle may be the best option to prevent it.

Less pressure on the perineum

By decreasing the size of the front and centre of the saddle, pressure on the perineum is reduced, moving it towards the rear pelvis. Thus preventing putting more pressure on the perineum, and preventing pain or numbness as you ride for longer distances.

Which is more comfortable: short or long saddle?

Ultimately, choosing the best type of saddle will vary depending on your physique, the number of hours you ride, your posture and the type of cycling you choose.

By taking into account all that we have analysed in this article, you will be able to choose the saddle that best suits your specific needs.

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