10 October

Ride like a Pro 2022, a Giro d'Italia-event on Tenerife


Ride like a Pro comes to Tenerife. Would you like to know more about this event?

Tenerife has been chosen to organize the next Ride like a Pro, an event that is part of the Giro d'Italia. The great climate en mountainous terrain are the foremost reasons why the event is coming to our island this year. Maybe you would like to know why so many cyclists choose Tenerife as their training location. Do you consider to sign up or would you like to know more about the event? Read further down here.

When will the next Ride like a Pro be held?
The dates on which the event will take place are the 19th and 20th of November. You can participate in one or both of the stages.

How much does registration cost and what does it exactly consist of?
The prices are €87 for a single stage and €147 for both. After registration you receive the official Pissei cycling jersey from the organisation. Included in the price are mechanical assistance, food on the road, medical assistance, timing, foto service, and a medal after finishing the ride. Afterwards there is a pasta meal for every rider.

Stages and routes of the Ride like a Pro Tenerife 2022.
Ride like a Pro is the perfect event to show the world how good of a cyclist you have become during all your hours of training. The parcours is very challenging and both your fitness and bike handling skills will be tested.

Down here you can read how to best prepare yourself for the cycling event.

Stage 1: 115km
The first stage takes place on the 19th of November, contains 115 kilometers, and starts off in the beach town of Adeje, in the southernmost part of the island. The route goes along the westcoast of the island towards Icon de los Vinos on the northcoast. This is the farthest point of the route from where the riders climb back up towards Santiago del Teide and ride back westward. The highest point of the route is reached after 40 kilometers and lies at 1133. At around 70km into the race the riders reach a similar altitude of 1104.

Stage 2: 64km
De second stage of the event takes place on the 20th of November and is 64 kilometers long, starting in Arona. As it is a shorter stage the highest point in the race is 656.

How to get to Tenerife and how to sign up.
If you don´t live on Tenerife but do want to participate in Ride like a Pro Tenerife it is good to know that the island has two airports. Tenerife Sur is closest to the starting locations and receives a higher number of flights from all over Europe.

Most importantly, to participate you need a proper racebike. At Bike Experience Tenerife we can help you to find the perfect bike to get the most out of the event. Contact us if you would like to rent a bicycle to race Ride like a Pro Tenerife and we will help you finding the right option.

Come to Tenerife and join us at this beautiful Giro d'Italia-event.

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