29 August

Short or long bike rides, which are better?


If you like cycling routes and give the maximum in each outing, we are sure that on more than one occasion you have asked yourself: is it better to do more short rides or do fewer routes, but of longer duration?

From Bike Experience Tenerife we do not want you to stay with the doubt. That's why, below, we analyze the advantages of each option.


More frequent short outings or longer and fewer trips?

Deciding whether to spend more time on each ride or ride more often is an issue that causes headaches for many cyclists.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer. That's why the main reason why one option is better than another is your routine: the time you have available, your work schedule, your lifestyle, your family...

Below, we will explain the advantages of each option to make it easier for you to choose.


Advantages of long outings

Long outings have many advantages, but the most important are:

➡️ You cover more distance.

By being able to devote more time to it, you can plan routes of a distance that you otherwise couldn't. You'll be able to train in a way that on shorter days you never could such as, for example, with three-digit kilometer stretches.

➡️ You learn to manage your effort.

Long routes force you to dose your energies. This will help you to know yourself much better, to measure your strength well on each stretch and, in short, to be a better cyclist.

➡️ You can plan much better.

You can't go out on a long route without some planning. You need to bring food and drink, know where you'll stop to refuel....

➡️ You increase your endurance.

Long routes help you improve your physical and mental endurance. Pedaling for two hours is not the same as pedaling for six hours. Undoubtedly, long rides require more stamina.

➡️ Improve your resilience.

On long stretches you learn to adapt to any kind of adverse situation (breakdowns, breakdowns, breakdowns, breakdowns...) Facing this will bring out the best in you as a cyclist.

➡️ You have more fun.

Because you don't have to be as aware of the time, pedaling cadence or breathing, you can enjoy your surroundings much more. This is possible because, being a long route, it is more important to have a relaxed pace to last the whole day than to set a time.


Advantages of short and frequent outings

Short and frequent outings also have good advantages:

➡️ You create the habit.

By going out frequently, it is easier to create a workout routine.

➡️ Ease of training.

Recurring days also make it easier to follow a well-structured training plan to combine endurance, strength, cadence, balance, and explosiveness.

➡️ It's easier to make time.

As these are shorter getaways, it's much easier to find the time in the schedule to enjoy cycling. Generally, an hour or an hour and a half will suffice.

➡️ It allows you to improvise.

Because you don't need much planning, you can improvise the plan to go out on the bike. If you find yourself with a couple of dead hours, you can just grab the bike and go.


As we have seen, there are plenty of arguments for choosing one or the other option. The final decision will depend on your needs and availability. Remember that you can combine both options and get the best out of both versions.

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