21 November

The Bianchi Oltre RC 2023: a hyperbike that breaks schemes



The Oltre RC 2023 is going to change the world of bikes, creating a new segment: hyperbikes


Bianchi is a brand recognized for it´s innovations in the world of bikes, creating innovative models and improving performance over the decades. This year Bianchi has presented a bike that will open up a new market segment which is called hyperbikes.


This article will explain you what is new about this bike and why it is due to become one of the most desired in the upcoming year. Improving aerodynamics on road bikes has been a major focus of Bianchi´s innovations in the past few years. Therefor, it is not surprising that this is what makes the Oltre RC 2023 stand out.


What is a hyperbike?

A hyperbike is a road bike at which the the frame and its components are fused together in a single aerodynamic frame structure. Until recently the main goal of aerodynamic technoligy was to reduce drag as much as possible. This still holds up for the new hyperbikes. However, due to further integration of the parts into the frame structure it is possible to go a step further in reducing the air resistance. In their developent of the hyperbike Bianchi has applied elements used in the aerospace sector as well as the world of Formula 1. An example of this are the two small carbon fins added to the head tube, through which the wind is more efficiently channeled. According to Bianchi´s wind tunnel tests of the hyperbike this makes for a low-pressure air channel, thus reducing impact and air resistance even more than on normal aero-model road bikes.


The Bianchi Oltre RC 2023: an exceptional road bike.

This new Bianchi jewel will position itself as one of the most desired aerobike options of the coming years, mainly due to its careful development in each and every one of its components.


Each one of the parts is specifically designed to improve aerodynamics, take advantage of reduced air resistance to gain more speed, without forgetting about the main priority of many cyclists, being a low weight.


The Bianchi Oltre range:

The Italian brand has already presented the entire Oltre 2023 range where two other models are available besides the RC hyperbike.


  1. Oltre RC 2023

    This is the flagship of the Oltre 2023 range, being used by professional cycling teams in the World Tour. It comes with the air deflectors as discussed above and the hyperbike aerodynamic cockpit. The weight especially stands out as the 55-model comes at a stunning 6.85kg. It comes with Reparto Corse RC wheels and the 3D RC139 Carbon saddle, which weighs only 168 grams.

  2. Oltre Pro 2023

    This model has the same design as the Oltre RC, with the aerodynamic elements of the hyperbike. In addition it has a built-in Bianchi CV anti-vibration system in its frame structure.

  3. Oltre 2023

    Although inspired by the same vision as the other two Oltres, this model has integrated parts but does not feature the specifically aerodynamic elements of the hyperbikes.


If you are interested in purchasing or renting one of the Bianchi Oltre 2023´s to enjoy the fantastic cycling landscape on Tenerife, don´t hesitate to contact us. Bike Experience Tenerife is the only official Bianchi distributor on the island.


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