16 January

The Giant Stormguard E+ is an e-bike designed to reign in the SUV segment.


The Giant Stormguard E+ is an e-bike designed to reign in the SUV segment

Giant has launched the new Stormguard E+, an electric bike that stands out for its versatility and incredible autonomy. In addition, it positions itself as one of the best options within the SUV segment of e-bikes.

In this article, we are going to tell you all the news presented by this new eBike. We break down its main features to see if it can really be proclaimed as the luxury SUV of eBikes in 2023.

The luxury SUV of eBikes

From the factory, they have classified this bike as a luxury SUV within the electric bicycle segment. And it seems to be a fairly accurate statement if we look at the great similarities it has with SUVs in terms of functionality.

Among the different arguments that led them to declare it as such are its design, architecture, versatility, and low maintenance.

The new Stormguard E+ moves around without any problems in environments as different as city streets, dirt roads, or highways.

To enhance this versatility, the brand has incorporated a new and more powerful motor system, improvements in the front and rear suspension, and an innovative carbon belt transmission.

Main features of the Giant Stormguard E+

The idea that Giant based on when designing this SUV of eBikes is to offer the user a multifunctional bike, ideal for both daily commutes and outings in the countryside and trails.

Innovative architecture

In terms of design, one of the elements that has stood out the most is the ALUXX SL aluminum frame in conjunction with the innovative suspension system.

The new frame has been combined with a rear suspension specially designed for this bike. It is a Stable Link system in conjunction with a Fox Float DPS shock absorber with 100 mm of travel.

Thanks to this system, the rear rack (capable of supporting up to 20 kilograms) is completely disconnected from the rear wheel, being attached to the main frame. In this way, performance is greatly improved, especially when traveling with elements in the rear rack.

The combination of these elements makes its handling very smooth and light, completely isolating from terrain bumps and offering better stability and safety.

Power and autonomy

The bike is powered by a Yamaha motor with Pedal Plus 6 sensor and 85 Nm of torque. As for the battery, it has the innovative 800 Wh Energy Pack system capacity, which offers up to 250 km of autonomy.

The Ride Control Ergo 2 system, located on the handlebars, offers the cyclist total control of the bike. Thanks to this system and the color LCD screen, you can be informed of all the basic aspects of the trip: from speed and distance, to battery range.

Enjoy the Stormguard E+

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