24 October

Trekking Bikes, ideal for adventurous people


Cycling is a trend. In this article we analyze the best bikes to start your trekking adventure.

Cycling tourism has become a trend in Europe, and this is because there is no better way to discover new places than on by bicycle. In this article we will take a look at the advantages that trekking bikes offer for an adventurous and sportive journey. Besides that we analyze two interesting models and highlight the differences between them.

What are the best trekking bikes?
The most important advantage of a trekking bike is that you can comfortably spend many hours on it awhile touching different types of terrain. Trekking bikes combine qualities of mountainbikes, roadbikes, and city bikes. This makes them very versatile and the ideal choice for any kind of adventure.

Some other important attributes of trekking bikes are: a comfortable geometry to spend long days in the saddle. Trekking bikes have numerous attachment points in several areas of the bike for luggage and bottleholders so you can bring everything with you that you need during your adventure. They are characterized by a robust frame that is limited in weight nevertheless. All of this together makes that you can cover longer distance while still being able to bring everything you need along with you. The robust character of the trekking bike makes sure that it won´t get damaged quickly while riding on rough terrain. The bikes are suited for tarmac but ride over gravel and forest paths just as fine, without losing comfort and stability. In short, trekking bikes have everything that you need when you want to start your new outdoor adventure.

The best trekking bikes to ride on Tenerife.
If you are not sure which trekking bike to choose, contact us and we will advise you without obligation. But to give you an idea of the best options on the current market we will describe two of our options below.

GIANT Revolt E+
The Revolt E+ is suited for an urban environment as well as tricky unpaved country roads. The 500Wh battery gives you freedom and atonomy because you can ride up to 120 kilometers with it. The most eye-catching attribute is the ALUXX SL aluminum frame and the SyncDrive Pro electric engine, designed by Yamaha, with a with a maximum power output of 85Nm. With it´s smooth accelleration on both tarmac and offroad terrain riding the Revolt E+ is an absolute pleasure. Contact Bike Experience Tenerife to explore the options of renting or buying one.

On it´s turn Bianchi offers a different trekking bike that is powered by the E6100 electric engine of Shimano, with a capacity of 250W and a maximum power output of 60 Nm. In terms of battery capacity this trekking bike offers 417Wh. If you would like to enjoy this bike on Tenerife you can make a reservation on our website or by contacting us by email or whatsapp.

How to choose your ideal trekking bike?
We recommend you to choose a trekking bike with a battery capacity that suits the duration of the rides that you are planning to make and the number of days on the road. If you would like to get some proper advise for finding the best trekking bike for your adventure, don´t hesitate to visit our shop in Playa de las Américas or give us a call. One of our staff members will help you without obligation with finding your ideal trekking bike.

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