05 December

What is gravel cycling, and why is it so popular?


Have you heard about gravel but don't know what it is? We analyze the key points of this discipline.

You've probably heard the word "Gravel" in more than one conversation among cyclists, but you may not know exactly what it is, how it works, and what the best gravel bikes are.

Don't stress. In this article, we'll get you up to speed on this highly acclaimed cycling discipline.

What is gravel?

Gravel is a cycling discipline practiced on a bike very similar to road bikes, but with a frame and wheels adapted for riding on unpaved routes.

The best terrain for gravel bikes is on gravel and sandy roads. Therefore, we can conclude that gravel cycling is an adventurous sport that overcomes the limitations of long-distance road bikes.

Who does gravel?

You may wonder what type of cyclist engages in this discipline. The answer is not defined, as it is enjoyed by both pure road cyclists seeking a different adventure and adventurous individuals who use these bikes for traveling the world.

The main reason it has become a trendy practice is that these bikes allow you to ride on almost any type of terrain, making them an ideal choice for those who want to cover long distances away from traffic.

Gravel Bikes, Which One to Choose?

If you want to start in this world, you probably want to know which is the best bike for gravel. Fortunately, despite being a relatively new discipline, there are many options to suit all tastes and budgets.

Some very affordable options are available, made of aluminum and entry-level components, as well as carbon or titanium gravel bikes with professional components.

The Best Gravel Bike

An interesting option for gravel cycling is the Bianchi Impulso Pro. This bike combines performance and style, perfectly blending adrenaline and a love for nature.

It is a bike focused on providing the necessary qualities to ride on gravel paths at maximum speed, enhancing the excitement of competitive riding on tracks.

Electric Gravel Bike?

Within the gravel discipline, there are also electrified options. Gravel can be enjoyed by those who may not have the ideal physical capacity or prefer a more leisurely pedal.

An interesting option among electric gravel bikes is Revolt E+ by Giant. It's an aluminum e-bike that gives you the power to pedal efficiently and control any type of terrain.

If you'd like to experience one of the best e-bikes for gravel, you can rent one from our store.

We hope that, after reading this article, you have a much clearer understanding of what gravel is, who practices it, and which bikes are best for this cycling variety.

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